Новый дизайн плитки - "Арт-линия"

June 30, 2023

Новый дизайн плитки - "Арт-линия"


New tile design - "Art line"

Which will allow you to create a completely different and unique composition.

 This is an excellent solution for paving the territory around the pool, parks, alleys and various open areas.

 Tile sizes: 10*40
 Thickness 2 sizes:

 6 cm thick tile intended for pedestrian and light traffic;
The 10 cm thick plate is intended for heavy equipment.

 Наше качество - ваш комфорт!

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Eco slab 10 sm

January 30, 2023

Eco slab 10 sm

Introducing NEWS!
New design grass paving to create a different exterior,
This is another high-quality multi-functional product of the "Spekomforti" company:
for greenery
for parking,
For heavy equipment.

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Road curb (size: 10*20*80)

Jule 22 2022

Road curb (size: 10*20*80)

News in Speckomforti!

Due to high demand,  “Speckomforti” has started production of a new road curb - dimensions: 10*20*80

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Big discount campaign

June 23 2022

Big discount campaign

 The company "Spetskomfort" has started implementing large-scale discounts in the case of purchasing paving stones, curbs and gutters‼️

gold and silver cards will be given to individuals under the following conditions:

 The silver card will be given to all those physical persons who will purchase at least 3000 GEL of products at one time,

Get an instant 5% discount and an equity silver card for your next purchases.

The gold card will be given to all individuals whose purchases exceed 30,000 GEL, they will benefit from a 10% discount

and will become the owner of the share gold card.

The customer who buys products on your behalf will benefit from your promotional conditions.

Therefore, invite friends, acquaintances and relatives to become the owner of a gold card sooner!


 The legal entity will benefit from the following share conditions:

 In case of purchase of products over 5000 GEL with a 3% discount.

 In case of purchase of products over 50000 GEL with a 5% discount.

 10% discount in case of purchase of products over 100,000 GEL.

Terms and conditions apply after purchase on 23.06.2022...

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